10 free things to do with the kids or grandkids this summer

Posted in: Family Last updated: 29 Jun 2012

With the kids still on school holidays and the weather changing, thoughts turn to how to keep them occupied – in a way that suits the time you have and your budget. We’ve compiled a list of fun ideas to keep the kids and grandkids entertained – all for free of course.

1. Drape an old curtain or sheet over a piece of furniture to make a den

2. Scatter some cushions around the floor and pretend that the spaces in between are shark infested oceans, or gloopy mud that they will get stuck in if they don’t make it to the safety of the sofa.

3. Make some sock puppets out of old socks. By adding buttons and some old pieces of cloth, or some wool for hair, you can build a sock world of your own.

4. Fly a kite – getting it off the ground is the fun part, unless you’re lucky enough to have a stunt kite, which is a whole different experience. If you’re the adventurous type, you could make your own kite from a couple of garden canes wrapped in old newspaper.

5. Make some paper boats out of old magazines or newspapers and either float them in a bowl or take them to the local park to put in the stream.

6. In bad weather, get yourselves dressed up in waterproofs and wellies and go puddle jumping.

7. Play a good old game of pairs by getting a deck of cards and scattering them across the floor face down.

8. Treasure hunt – write down on small pieces of papers some objects from around the house and put them into a hat. Take it in turns to pull an item out of the hat and see how long it takes for the person to retrieve the object and bring it back into the room. If you want to make it more interesting, just make the clues a bit more cryptic.

9. Play an old fashioned game of charades, but use cartoons or films that the children will know.

10. Going to the shops is a great way to get your children adding up and doing simple arithmetic. Even better, base the maths on everyday items to teach them how to be money savvy.

So that’s it, completely free things to do with the kids when they (or you) are going stir crazy, or when the bad weather keeps you away from a pre-planned day out. But if you do happen to have a little bit of cash to spend on a special treat, check out our family days out for less offers.

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