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Check your postcode

If you’re wondering how the place where you live compares against the average, our postcode comparison calculator can show you.

Simply enter your postcode below and you'll find key statistics on property, safety, families, education and amenities. You can also add a further two postcodes and compare them so you can research other areas and see if they might be right for your family.

Sorry we don't have data for Scotland.

See for yourself

  • Enter your postcode below
  • Press ‘Find’
  • Scroll down to see your results
  • You can then add another postcode and compare results

*OneFamily obtained local childcare costs from more than 100 local authorities, however, not all authorities were able to provide data and for this reason some postcodes will not show detailed childcare figures.**Schools' average student point score for Key Stage 2 across all subjects. ***Percentage of Key Stage 4 pupils achieving grades A*-C in both English and Mathematics GCSEs at local schools

Average results are based on the postcodes that we have been able to include.

Because of the differences in the way data such as crime and education statistics are reported and collated in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we unfortunately couldn't find an accurate way of including it this time around. Postcodes without a residential population, such as business parks and warehouse areas, were also discounted from the final results. If your postcode is not coming up in this search, we suggest you try your next closest postcode.