Family Hotspots

What is Family Hotspots?

Family Hotspots is a unique analysis of nearly 2,400 postcodes in England and Wales outlining the most affordable and desirable places to buy a family home in the UK.

Over 70 different sets of data are fed into the analysis, which references key criteria important when deciding where to settle and raise a family. This includes education, safety, childcare costs, local amenities, affordable property and green spaces.

Explore the top 20

This year’s report has seen the south dominating the top 10, bar the third and tenth spots. After the number ten spot the spread is more even across the country with Bingham and Oakham in the North featuring.

Devon holds six of the top twenty towns which is unsurprising considering it has two stunning coast lines, two National Parks and five official areas of outstanding beauty.

Our map plots the best locations in England and Wales.

Top 20 locations

Top 10 Greater
London locations

Probably the biggest drawback for living in London is the high cost of property.  But with a far greater opportunity for employment in the capital city, for some living within an easy commute is the deciding factor.  We’ve identified the highest ranking postcodes within the Greater London area. 

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Discover the
top cities

For some, living in a city with all the available
amenities and cultural stimulation is more important
than rolling hills and more space, so we’ve included a
list of the top 10 cities.  

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Top commuter

One of the biggest considerations for most of us when we decide to relocate is the journey between work and home. The below link lists the highest scoring postcodes within a 15 mile radius of a major city centre.

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