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Continue your support

They might be turning 18 - but that doesn't mean you can't continue to support them

What can you do?

Whatever the future holds for your loved one, if they’ve opened a Lifetime ISA or Stocks & Shares ISA with OneFamily it’s a big step forward in helping them meet their goals. They can pay-in to their own accounts, but if you want to continue giving them a helping hand, you can also help top-up their accounts as well.


Ways to help

We’re working on ways to make paying into someone’s account online really easy – but if you want to start paying in now, there’s a few options available to you.

Give them the money

If you pay the money directly to their current account they can easily top-up their Stocks & Shares ISA or Lifetime ISA online. It's easy for them to make regular payments or single debit card payments within their online account.

Send us a cheque

You can pay into someone else’s account by sending us a cheque. As it’s no longer a child account, there’s some additional checks we need to carry out, so you’ll need to fill in the cheque payment form and send it in with your cheque. Don’t forget to put their policy number on the back of the cheque!

How would you like to pay in?

We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for you to manage accounts with OneFamily, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Help us to improve our offering by letting us know how you’d prefer to pay in to your teen’s account – we’ll also let you know when new payment options are available.