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Sight or hearing loss?

At OneFamily we understand the challenges faced by customers with reduced sight or hearing. That's why we have a range of options to help customers get the information they need.

If you're concerned about the impact of a condition that affects your sight or hearing, let us know and we'll explain some of the ways we can help. For example, we can send key communications in large print, Braille or an audio format.


Helpful support groups and charities


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The RNIB specialises in supporting people who are experiencing sight loss.

Visit the site 


British Deaf Association

The BDA is the UK’s leading charity run by Deaf people for Deaf people.

Visit the site

logo RNID


They're there to make life fully inclusive for deaf people and those with hearing loss or tinnitus.

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Age UK

A charity that offers support and guidance to older people in the UK.

Visit the site

More ways we can help

There may be more we can do to help you. Here are some links to find out what some of the ways we can help.

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Living through a bereavement?

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Other health issues or disabilities?

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Help managing an account?

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