Global Mixed

We’re updating the way we manage our investments, to help benefit both our customers and our planet.

What’s changing?

We’re making some exciting changes to our Global Mixed Investment Fund, which will all be live from 01 September 2020:

Refocusing the Investment Objective/Policy

Our Global Mixed Investment Fund aimed to provide growth by investing at least 60% in fixed interest investments and up to 40% in global shares. We’re going to increase the minimum in fixed interest investments to 65%, with the remaining up to 35% invested in the OneFamily Global Equity Fund – helping contribute towards a low-carbon future

Simplifying the Charging Structure

We want to be more transparent with our charging structure. Moving from Ongoing Charges of 1.18%, consisting of a 1% fixed charge, plus variable administration costs of up to 0.30% (previously 0.18%). Instead, fixing Ongoing Charges at a new, simple flat fee of 1.10%, removing any previous uncertainty about the Ongoing Charges our customers paid

Important information

The documents below set out the detail of the changes being made to our funds we have products invest into (all of which were passed in a vote on 28 July 2020):

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we’ve covered everything below, but if you have any other questions please feel free to send them to us at [email protected].