A little thank you...

... for opening a Junior Bond with us.

When you apply online and set up a Direct Debit of £15 or more, we'll send you £15 in Amazon e-vouchers. Set up a Direct Debit for £25 and we'll send you £25 e-vouchers.

Please note:

  • Where OneFamily does not hold a valid email address for you, you must provide us with one in order to qualify and receive an e-voucher
  • You will not qualify for an e-voucher until two Direct Debits have credited the account. This may take up to 70 days.
  • Shortly after two Direct Debits have credited the account we will send you an email with details of how to claim your e-voucher.
  • For full terms and conditions for claiming your e-voucher please click here
Set up a Direct Debit for: Your gift:
£15 a month to £24.99 a month £15 e-voucher
£25 a month £25 e-voucher