OneFamily and Coronavirus

We’re here for you

It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, and we understand that you might feel anxious about the impact Coronavirus could have on so many different aspects of your life.  However, we’d like to reassure you that this doesn’t need to include your OneFamily account.

Payments to us

We understand that your financial circumstances might have changed very suddenly in recent days.  This can be unsettling, but we don’t want you to worry unnecessarily.

If you think that you might struggle to make a scheduled payment to OneFamily, please call our friendly customer service team straight away so that we can find a way to help you.  The number to call is 0344 8920 920.

Regular Payments to you

Despite the troubling news that we’re sure you are hearing daily about the stock market, we would like to reassure you that this will not affect your regular pension or annuity payments.  Whilst this is a period of uncertainty for the UK markets, OneFamily is absolutely committed to ensuring that all payments will be made to you on time as usual.

You are OneFamily

Our members are OneFamily, you are at the heart of everything we do.  So, we want to support you and your family as we all face some tough days ahead.  If there’s any way that we can help you, then please do get in touch and we promise we will do our very best for you.

For the latest health advice from the government, please visit

In the meantime, please be confident that OneFamily remains strong and continues to be resilient against the backdrop of the fluctuating markets.

With warm wishes

Teddy Nyahasha

Chief Executive Officer