Returning lost assets real examples

Real life stories

As a mutual organisation, which is owned by and run for you our customers, we think it’s important that your money comes home to you.

OneFamily has been working hard to help connect customers or their beneficiaries with unclaimed money held by the society and so far we have been able to return over £3.1 million!

Read more in the real life stories below.

Graham’s Story

Graham’s Dad started a £15 per month savings plan for him when he was just a baby, with a view to providing a lump sum to help with university costs.

But by the time Graham left home for Cardiff University, the savings plan had been completely forgotten about.

When the policy matured, Graham was contacted via his parents’ address, to let him know about the nest egg that was waiting for him to claim.

Although Graham’s parents forwarded the mail onto him at university, knowing nothing about the existence of a savings plan, he dismissed the letters as a con.

The money lay waiting for him to claim until Graham was 25 and he was tracked down as part of our programme to reunite people with their unclaimed funds.

The timing couldn’t have been better. Graham was about to get married and despite saving, was having to cut some wedding expenses to meet his budget.

He was amazed to learn of the £7,500 due to him and delighted at the difference it would make to his wedding plans.

Amy’s story

When a loving grandfather began saving for his three grandchildren, he could never have foreseen that one of the three policies he had selflessly saved into over the course of his elderly life, would be forgotten following his death.

Whilst the first two savings plans had paid out when his two older grandchildren came of age, sadly against a background of tragic family circumstances, the third savings plan was simply forgotten.

Granddaughter Amy (aged 19) only became aware of the kind thoughtfulness of her grandfather when she was tracked down as part of an initiative to reunite customers and their beneficiaries with unclaimed funds. She received over £6,000.

Stephen’s story

Stephen’s parents took out savings plans alongside a mortgage in the 1980s.

When they moved house they forgot to inform us of the change in their address. Over time they forgot about their investments and lost contact with the funds.

When Stephen’s parents died, no records of the investments were found with their belongings, and administration of the estate was completed at the time. Ten years later, their three surviving children were tracked down as part of a wider programme run by Engage Mutual to reunite unclaimed funds.

Son Stephen, who along with his brother and sister shared more than £25,000, was moved that his parents, who had always worked so hard and struggled to support their family financially, had been the source of such a windfall.

"We were shocked and quite emotional, with a mixture of feelings. It would have been nice for my parents to have enjoyed their savings themselves, but it is also good to know that they had been working hard to provide for us all those years."

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