OneFamily was established in April 2015 as a result of a merger between Family Investments and Engage Mutual. For the following FAQs please refer to the answer that relates to the provider you took out your product with (prior to April 2015). This will be either Family Investments or Engage Mutual.

Where can I find information on the Personal Pension Plan and FSAVC Scheme?

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Engage Mutual
As a former Engage customer where can I find information on the Personal Pension Plan and Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme?

In this section we’ve provided investment information on the former Ecclesiastical Personal Pension Plan and Ecclesiastical Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme.

The unitised deposit fund is invested in Share Class 4 of the Insight Sterling Liquidity Fund. A leaflet on fund objective, investment approach and fund performance for various periods can be found here.

The other funds are invested in Class C shares with EdenTree Investment Managers (formerly Ecclesiastical Investment Managers). Annual Reports on the investment objective and policy, the performance and a summary of market conditions for each of the funds can be found here in the Section ‘Our fund report and accounts’

As a former Engage customer with a Personal Pension Plan how can I make representations to the PTL Governance Advisory Arrangement and read the Chair’s Annual Report?

In this section we’ve provided information on the PTL Governance Advisory Arrangement (GAA).

We have appointed PTL to act as a governance advisory arrangement for our personal pension scheme. The Terms of Reference for the GAA can be found here.

PTL is independent of OneFamily and acts solely in the interests of policyholders.

The role of the GAA and the opportunity for policyholders to make representations direct to the GAA has been communicated to you on your annual statutory money purchase illustration sent out in 2015.

The Chair’s Annual report for the period to 5 April 2016 report can be found here.

If you have any views which you may wish to share with PTL on your personal pension plan then you can contact them directly on:

Tel: 0118 957 0331

Email: [email protected]

In writing to:

Ms C Benger, Secretary,
PTL Governance Advisory Arrangement,
47 Castle Street,