Help us make things better for you and your family

We’re here to enable families to work together to meet the financial demands of modern life. And we can’t do that without your help. As a mutual organisation, we’re owned by you, our members, so it’s essential that you have your say on how we can develop and improve our business. Your feedback can help in so many ways, shaping our products, processes and future direction.

We value everyone’s comments. We want to know what we do well and what we don’t do so well. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so please get in touch.

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We're always listening

Customer feedback helps shape OneFamily and we’re always pleased to receive it. To give us yours please go to the Contact us section where you’ll find details on how you can get in touch.

You can also get more involved in OneFamily’s future by joining our Customer Panel or attending one of our Customer Forums. To find out more, please email us »

Your Customer Panel

The OneFamily Customer Panel is designed to give you a way to give us feedback on particular ideas and initiatives we’re thinking of introducing. It’s made up of around 5,000 members – customers like you who are willing to give up a little of their time to help us to shape our future. It’s all done online and topics can be wide-ranging, from customer service and product development to improving our customer communications.

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If it matters to you, it matters to us

If you’d like to join our Customer Panel - then we’d love to hear from you. We promise to respect your privacy and not demand too much of your time. When two companies join it can take a little while for things to come together. We will still be running our existing customer panels and in coming months will work to bring them together so that you, as a customer, can have even more impact in shaping the business in the future.

Customers like you really do influence our business.

Engage Mutual, who joined with Family Investments to become OneFamily, ran successful customer forums for several years, forums which saw inspiring ideas generated and put into practice.

In fact in 2013, customers helped us to shape the Engage Foundation – a commitment to giving £1 million back to our customers and the people closest to them through Community Awards and Personal Grants.

The OneFamily Foundation is built on the amazing success of the Engage Foundation - and aspires to make £5 million available over the next 5 years. We simply couldn't have done this without the inspiration and support of our members.

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Help shape our future...

If you decide that the Customer Panel isn't for you, there are plenty of other ways to get involved. Visit The Hub where there are lots of interesting articles, videos and infographics, or simply send us your feedback online. If you’d like us to talk to you, let us know and we’ll get back to you.

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If you need to make a complaint

We do our best to make sure that we provide a high quality and fair service to all of our members. But sometimes things can go wrong.

If you are unhappy with an aspect of our service, please contact us either by phone, email or post and we will try to put it right as soon as possible. We take complaints very seriously and your feedback is in invaluable in helping us improve. Find out more about how we handle complaints »