Daily Prices

Working out the current value of your account

You can work out the value of your account by taking the number of units or shares it currently holds, and multiplying this number by the current Bid Price. For example:

  • 3,000 units or shares x 176.50 pence = 529,500 pence
  • 529,500 pence divided by 100 = £5,295

If you're not sure how many units your plan currently holds, you can contact us to find out.

Uncertainty concerning Coronavirus can create financial anxiety, but we’re here to support our members. If you’re worried about payments to or from OneFamily, we’ve got you covered.

View our Coronavirus FAQ.

Daily Prices table

If you're not sure which fund your product is invested in, you can find out by checking your annual statement. The Bid Price is the price at which you would sell your units, and the Offer Price is the price at which you would buy your units.

We try our best to ensure that these prices are as at the close of business the previous day. However, this may not always be the case, and in any event these prices should not be relied on to make any investment decisions.

If you opened a Child Trust Fund with Engage Mutual you can find the daily prices here. To see the daily prices for our other Child Trust Funds, please expand on the section below.

Unfortunately we are unable to display the Daily Prices at the moment, please check back later.