Company Information

OneFamily is a trading name of Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited (the Society) and is a mutual organisation. This means that we are owned by, and run for the benefit of, our members.

OneFamily is committed to complying with the UK Corporate Governance Code as relevant to mutual insurers (the Code). In accordance with the Code, we have provided on this website information on the Society, its management and other information that members may want to know.

Annual General Meeting

Each year the Society holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). We encourage members to attend in person, or vote by proxy if they are unable to attend.

Before each AGM we will place a notice in two national newspapers. We also send out a Notice of AGM to all members that are eligible to vote and who have opted in to receive details of the meeting. The Notice, along with information about how to vote, is also put on this website so all members have access to it.

Please contact us if you wish to opt in to receive notice of the AGM and voting information by post.

For more information please visit our AGM page »

Member Relations

OneFamily believes it is important for members of the Board to hear and understand members' views and opinions so they can understand the issues that affect the running of the Society. Directors take an active interest in reviewing members’ complaints, the outcome of member surveys, the performance of products and the management of OneFamily. We encourage members to talk to us, and invite you to take an active interest in the governance of your Society. 

You can contact our Member Relations Team by email at [email protected] or write to us at the address at the bottom of this page. As a general rule we will reply to queries in writing, so please ensure you give us your full name and details of your address or a policy number so we can reply to you.

The Member Relations Team cannot answer policy-specific questions so if your query is about the policy you hold with us, please contact our Customer Services Team ».

For details of our Member Relations Policy, which provides information on the Society's strategy for managing and encouraging the relationship between our members and us, simply click on the link below or contact us for a copy.

Member Relations Policy (PDF) » 

Rules of the Society

Members of the Society have rights and obligations. These rights and obligations can be found in this document.

Rules of the Society (PDF) »

The UK Corporate Governance Code for mutual insurers

The Society's Corporate Governance Statement 2015 (PDF) »

Board Diversity Policy

The document linked to below sets out the approach to diversity on the Board of OneFamily.

Board Diversity Policy (PDF) »

Environmental Policy

The document linked to below sets out the environmental policy of OneFamily.

Environmental Policy (PDF) »

UK Stewardship Code

First published in July 2010, the UK Stewardship Code (the Stewardship Code) was revised in 2012. The Stewardship Code sets out good practice for shareholders on engagement with investee companies, and is overseen by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). Our Statement of Compliance with the Stewardship Code can be found below.

Statement of Compliance

Although OneFamily currently delegate investment management of our authorised and other funds externally to State Street Global Advisors Limited (SSgA) and as such are not directly involved with direct engagement with companies, we believe we can still contribute by monitoring compliance with the Stewardship Code through reports provided by SSgA detailing the results from stewardship and voting activities.

This link will direct you to the SSgA website, where you can find details of their Statement of Compliance with the Stewardship Code and how they adhere to it.