Get moving with our Lifetime ISA

If you’re thinking about buying your first home, our Lifetime ISA could be the perfect companion

25% government bonus on the money you invest

Available to open if you’re 18+

Designed to help you save for your first home or later life

Pay in up to £4,000 per year and get up to £1,000 bonus

How does it work?

It’s now time to start thinking about what you’d like to do with your Child Trust Fund money. One of your options is moving it to our Lifetime ISA.
A Lifetime ISA (Individual Savings Account) is an investment account designed to help towards buying your first home or for use at later life (when you’re aged 60).

Here’s the bonus

For every £10 you pay in, the government will add a bonus of £2.50 to your savings. So, if you paid in the maximum £4,000 in this current tax year, you’d get an extra £1,000 on top – totally free of charge – so you’d now have £5,000 saved.


There’s a few important things to note:

  • You need to save into the account for at least 12 months before purchasing your first home
  • A penalty charge of 25% will apply for any withdrawals before age 60 that are not for the purchase of your first home
  • Your investment will be free from income and capital gains taxes (tax rules may change in the future)
  • It’s worth remembering that the value of stocks and shares can fall as well as rise. This is normal for this type of investment, but it does mean you could get back less than has been paid in.

What's so good about our Lifetime ISA?

Use your Child Trust Fund money

Open your Lifetime ISA with some or all of your Child Trust Fund money, and add to this from as little as £25 a month, up to a maximum of £4,000 each year

Online account management

Take control of your account with 24/7 account management at your fingertips

Clear and simple pricing

There’s a flat fee of 1.1% per year with no hidden fees or charges

Investment options

A simple choice of 2 investment options which you can switch between at any time, free of charge

Climate friendly

We invest into the shares of companies that are better prepared to tackle climate change

You can help make a difference

We've given away over £3m to good causes in the UK in the past 5 years


Your planet, your money, invested your way

At OneFamily, we understand the importance of climate change, and how acting now can make a real, positive impact to the world we’ll live in tomorrow. We’ve designed our Lifetime ISA to help benefit both you and the planet by carefully selecting the types of companies we invest into.

Depending on the green impact you want your money to make, and the level of risk you’re happy to take, we have two investment options you can choose from – Global Mixed and Global Equity. Your Lifetime ISA will invest into either of these funds.

Our Global Mixed Lifetime ISA

Our Global Equity Lifetime ISA

Okay great – so what’s next?

You can choose what you want to do with your money when you turn 18 – and we’ll send you information on how to do this nearer the time.


I've already registered BUT I'm not 18

If you’ve already registered you’ll just need to sit tight until your 18th birthday, then you can choose what you want to do with your money, including opening a Lifetime ISA


I've registered AND I have turned 18

You’re now able to tell us what you want to do with your money. If you’ve looked through all of the options and have decided your next step, login to your account and tell us!

I haven't registered to take control of my CTF

You’ll need to register to take over your Child Trust Fund before you can tell us what you want to do with your money - why not register now?

Not a Child Trust Fund account holder? View our Lifetime ISA here.