Make a change for climate change

We look at how putting your money where your values are, can help in the battle against climate change.

Time to reflect

It’s hard to believe that at the start of this year, most of us had never heard of the coronavirus. And now it’s the single biggest factor shaping the way we go about our daily lives.

The impact has been devastating in terms of loss of life and the isolation and frustration that have been brought about by our socially distanced ‘new normal’.

However, let’s think about some of the positives just for a moment:

Bringing people together

The pandemic has brought people and communities together – Thursday’s clap for carers was a great example of this.

Our environment

Dramatic benefits to our environment, such as reduced pollution in the sky above our heads.


Re-emerging wildlife has been remarkable and clear for all the world to see.

So, in many ways the pandemic has helped show how we’re all connected and provided clear evidence of the direct impact our day to day choices have on the environment, especially if we make them collectively.

With climate change the stakes are even higher

Climate change isn’t new, but it has been accelerating over the last few years, despite the short-term reprieve caused by the global lockdown.

Australian bushfires

We all remember the bush fires in Australia, whilst rising temperatures and deforestation caused a big increase in the number of fires in the Amazon rainforest last year too. The Amazon is a priceless natural resource that massively influences the weather and the environment – so we need to look after it.

The Arctic melt

As the MET Office reports, the ice in the Arctic is melting faster than ever and is already 65% thinner than it was in 1975. If we don’t reduce emissions soon, the Arctic could have ice-free summers by the middle of the century. And these melting ice and rising sea levels affect people all over the world.


Nearly 4 in 10 people (39%) live within 100 kilometres of a coastline and are at risk of flooding if sea levels continue to rise. That’s over 800 million people worldwide!

These are big changes that will have a huge impact on our planet and your future.

Now is the time to take action – and you can make a huge difference

Even if we managed to stop all carbon emissions, we wouldn’t prevent some of the bad things that are already happening - but the sooner we cut emissions, the smaller the impact will be.

Whether you’re an aspiring Greta Thunberg, or maybe a supporter of Extinction Rebellion - one way we all have an influence is where and how you choose to spend your money - including the types of products and brands you use and the way you save your money. As they say money talks!

Understand the environmental impact

To understand the environmental impact of the companies you buy products from, you can start by checking out the ‘responsibility index’. It includes some of the UKs biggest companies, ranking them against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (highlighting who is and isn’t walking the walk when it comes to sustainability and climate change).

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing (sometimes called responsible investing), is another way to make a positive change to the planet by investing in companies that generate beneficial, social or environmental impacts alongside a financial return. If you look into this, it’s great to see lots of companies out there who are trying to make a difference. From developing renewable energy such as solar or wind to start ups using state of the art technology to overcome challenges.

It's not just good for the world...

ESG funds have outperformed the rest of the market, despite significant falls in share prices across the world since the pandemic. Companies considering external impacts should also help them realise broader visions that make them better prepared for shocks such as Covid-19.

Putting your money where your values are

At OneFamily, we believe we’re stronger when we’re connected – so we care for the people and environment around us. As more companies increase their commitment to climate change (and ESG) and see the positive financial impact on their share prices – we hope many more companies will follow suit.

How can you make a difference?

At OneFamily, we offer customers a Stocks & Shares ISA and Lifetime ISA - both allowing you to invest all, or a proportion of your money into climate friendly investments. So, first you pick a product that fits your savings goals, then an investment options that matches your appetite for risk and potential returns. But whichever you decide, you'll know you're helping to do your bit in the fight against climate change.

We’ve only got one planet Earth and it’s up to us to look after it. Spending and investing responsibly could help towards securing a better world for your future.

Please note: OneFamily do not provide investment advice. You should always remember when dealing with stocks and shares, whilst they can have good potential for returns in the long run – their values can fall as well as rise. So, there’s always a chance you could get back less than is paid in.