Are you a spender or a saver?

How are you with your money? Are you careful with your pennies, or love splashing the cash? We’ve put together the following very (non) scientific experiment to find out what type of spender you may be!

Let’s start off with an easy one...

  1. Do you know how much is in your account right now?
  • A) No idea, not checked my balance in ages
  • B) Roughly, I have a look every now and again
  • C) Absolutely, I check my account most days
  1. You’ve got a hot date Saturday night, but need something to wear. Do you…
  • A) Head straight to the ‘new in’ section (new garms essential)
  • B) Locate the sale rail (always nice finding a bargain)
  • C) Wear something you have already (who cares if it’s not brand spanking new)
  1. You’re off to the cinema to catch a film, but snacks are a must. Do you…
  • A) Buy them from the counter. Who cares if they cost twice as much (it’s not every day you go)
  • B) Pop to the supermarket before (no point paying more than you have to!)
  • C) Grab something from the snack cupboard at home (sssh, we won’t tell)
  1. You’ve decided to go on holiday with your mates. Do you…

A) Let someone do the researching (as happy to go with the majority)
B) Say you’re up for it (but have a budget you need to stick to)
C) Take the reins to find the best deal (we’re not paying over the odds for this one)

  1. Congratulations, you’ve just won a grand! Do you…

A) Get spending, after all, it’s bonus money you’re unlikely to have again!
B) Stick half of it in the bank and enjoy the other half (everyone’s happy!)
C) Get saving. This will give your bank balance a nice little boost for the future!

  1. You’ve got a few friends coming over Saturday night. Do you…

A) Fire up Deliveroo. We’re hungry and need food asap (I’ll get this, you can get the next one)…!
B) Walk down to the local chippy (also means we can combine loose change and purchase together)
C) Raid the cupboards – we’ll bound to be able to rustle something up for free

  1. When someone mentions ‘saving’, you think…

A)  Save me the lecture… There’s plenty of time to start saving when I’m older!
B) Save your breath – I’m already on the case, saving occasionally (when the bank balance allows)
C) Saving for a rainy day – I pay into my savings regularly (whatever the weather)…!

  1. You’re in town and see the freshest pair of trainers. They’re perfect for you, but a bit pricey. Do you…

A) Get them now, as they’ll probably sell out. I just won’t do anything for the rest of the month!
B) Deep breaths, I need to see what I’ve got coming up this month first. I can always come back!
C) Walk away (I can always drop enough hints before my birthday anyway)

The answers...

You chose mostly A’s – YOLO Yeah

You’re all about living in the moment. Buy now, think later! If you have it, you’ll spend it.

Living your best life? Tick!

You chose mostly B’s – Bendy Arm

You’re mostly good with your money.

You’ve always got best intentions to save, but have a very bendy arm (so could be side tracked from time to time).

You chose mostly C’s – Money Master

Nice work – you’re clearly clued up when it comes to your finances, and don’t break at the first temptation.

You rule your wallet, and not the other way around!

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