What’s your savings gap?

16 Feb 2018

Despite decades of prudent saving many of us face a savings shortfall in retirement. It just means our current savings don’t meet our desired retirement income.
Find out more about the savings gap, why it’s important and what you can do to close it.

Should you give your children pocket money?

26 Jan 2018

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the best way to teach your children about money. One way to do this is by giving them a pocket money allowance. But what’s the going rate, and how can you work out what’s fair?

The value of talking to your family about big financial decisions

27 Dec 2017

Talking openly about money has traditionally been a bit of a taboo among the stiff upper-lipped British – particularly the older generation. But times are changing, especially within families.

Paying for care homes: how can you afford it?

22 Sep 2017

Care homes may get a bad rap in popular culture, with TV shows like The Simpsons portraying them as miserable places, full of loners terrorised by authoritarian minders.

Parents Aspirations Guide

21 Sep 2017

What aspirations do you have for your child? What aspirations does your child have? A report on parents' aspirations for their children's futures.

Family Support Network

21 Sep 2017

Families depend on one another at all stages of life. OneFamily surveyed 2,218 members of the public to find out how different generations support one another financially, and what that money is spent on.

Pocket Money Calculator

21 Sep 2017

From pennies to pounds. A pocket money calculator for kids.

Childcare Cost Tools

19 Sep 2017

Use our OneFamily childcare affordability and childcare cost calculator to give your family the tools you need to help with budgeting and planning.

Can I get help with the cost of childcare?

30 Aug 2017

Many working parents struggle with the heavy burden of childcare costs. For some, it doesn’t even make financial sense for them to go back to work until their children start school.

Questions to ask before helping your kids on to the property ladder

21 Aug 2017

Parents will fund one in four* house purchases in the UK this year, putting it on a par with the ninth biggest lender in the mortgage market. Parents are set to lend more than £6.5bn in 2017, an average of £21,600 each, mostly to help cover the large deposits many mortgage providers now require.

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